A Tight Knit Story

Tricoté Serré is a true family story that began with the passion of Dominic Veillette who convinced parents and friends to believe in her company and to get involved to help grow interest in her Quebec handmade products. For the past 30 years Dominic has been a practitioner of many crafts such as sewing, wood painting, loom, Afghan piers, and of course knitting!

After experiencing with several techniques, Dominic rediscovered a true passion for knitting as taught by her grandmothers.

Faced with growing enthusiasm for her products, she decided to diversify her collection of hand-knit products.

Tricoté Serré currently specializes in the crafting of toques, scarves, necks warmer and headbands, as well as in mittens made of New Zealand sheep wool which is subsequently boiled to make it more insulating and warm.

Dominic Veillette - Tricoté Serré's founder