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Wool is a natural waterproof fiber, you can clean the car, make snowballs... And your mittens won't get wet!

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Recycled fur from old coats, which I have cleaned. I give a second life to the fur. This makes each mitt cuff unique.



The mittens are made of boiled wool. The inside of the mitt is made of a layer of windproof on the top of the hand as well as a layer of fleece and a layer of Radientex on the inside of the hand.

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Our products

100% made in Quebec

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  • laine 100% Wool
  • fourrures Recycled fur or berber
  • Tricote Hand knitted
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  • laine Warm
  • fourrures Soft
  • Tricote Interior/Exterior

All our products are:

  • laine Warm
  • laine Beautiful
  • laine Handmade
  • laine Made in Quebec
  • laine Waterproof
  • laine Unique
  • laine Perfect
  • laine Aesthetics

What customers say about our products:

This is my holiday gift, warm and comfortable, I am very happy, I recommend this store ❤️

— Stephanie Fournier

Absolutely the warmest mittens I've ever had! I actually bought another pair because I do a lot of snowshoeing! Beautiful, well made! 5 stars for these mittens!

— Darlene Duiker

I bought a small size, and the mittens fit perfectly. They are so soft on the inside! It's a pleasure to wear them. The colors are very cleverly chosen: a light gray and a pale shade of purple. It was a very fast delivery. I am very happy with the purchase!

— Torolga

I love my new mittens! So thick, warm and beautiful colors! I can't wait to take them on my Christmas vacation!

— Zara Davies